Vinyasa flow yoga - trauma sensitive yoga - chidren's yoga

Kathleen Egan (RYT500, TCTSY-F, RCYT95) is originally from Australia where she found her love of yoga as a teenager in her High School sports program. On moving to Hilversum in 2016 Kathleen completed training in vinyasa and children’s yoga as well as in trauma sensitive yoga. Kathleen’s classes offer space for people to experience yoga at their own pace, offering balance, body and movement awareness while maintaining a sense of fun and play. Kathleen applies trauma sensitive yoga as a foundation for her practices, including the practice of invitational language and offering choice for movements in which she hopes to create an inclusive practice for the community.

The connection of mind, body and breath is a lovely place to live in. In our worlds we spend so much time in our minds, leading our body around, buzzing about like a bee. Yoga offers a space to explore the rest of our selves. Whether we come to the mat for quiet movement, restful moments or joyful play, there is something there for all of us. Yoga is for every body, every mind. Yoga doesn’t have to be serious, it doesn’t have to be big. Yoga is just a practice that we can take with us wherever we go. 


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