the Dharma code: Yoga principles for enlightened choices

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Join Simon Haas, author of The Book of Dharma, and discover an age-old system for manifesting your full potential, by improving the quality of your choices. Formerly intended for kings and queens—and guarded by them—this knowledge from ancient India was deliberately concealed, and passed down in secrecy in a sacred tradition for millennia.

Explore an ancient yoga system for directing your life more consciously. Bring yoga into your business or professional life, finances, and relationships. Discover an ancient system for manifesting your full potential, by improving the quality of your choices. Take your yoga practice beyond the yoga mat and make it a guiding life practice.


Simon Haas is an internationally renowned author and teacher of yoga philosophy who specializes in applying ancient wisdom to everyday life. Born in 1975, Simon first became interested in the study of ancient wisdom traditions at the age of 13. As a young boy, Simon studied the sacred writings of India and spent ten years living in temples and monasteries in India. He apprenticed for sixteen years with an elderly master practitioner in the Bhakti tradition, within an unbroken line of teachers that dates back thousands of years. Simon graduated with honours from the University of Cambridge. Currently, he focuses on making the teachings of ancient India widely accessible to contemporary readers and audiences. He lectures and gives seminars and workshops internationally on the philosophy of yoga and the ancient teachings of India. Simon is author of the bestseller The Book of Dharma: Making Enlightened Choices, which shares practical teachings on how to consciously direct our life by improving the quality of our choices. His most recent book, Yoga and the Dark Night of the Soul: The Soul’s Journey to Sacred Love, explores how crisis and difficulty can form part of our yoga path and how we can write our life story with love and compassion.




“I felt as if my soul was being fed. Simon captures the timeless Vedic truths with so much grace and ease, while weaving his own experiences and modern analogies to show relevancy today.”
Britt Janssen, founder of Kitchen of Love; author of Kitchen of Love: Recipes to Feed Your Soul

“Simon Haas’s quality and presence as a teacher are unforgettable to students who attend his lectures.”
Edgar Ortiz, former President of the Costa Rican Association of Yoga Teachers; founder and Director of Yoga Mandir, Costa Rica

“Simon makes yoga and yoga philosophy quite available to the beginner as well as the seasoned yoga teacher.”
Charlotta Martinus, Director at Universal Yoga and founder of TeenYoga

“Simon Haas does a marvellous job of culturally translating these teachings for contemporary readers, free from jargon, in a way that offers immense value.”
Ariadna Landman, Ayurvedic medicine teacher and practitioner; founder of VitalVeda



Wie Simon Haas
Wanneer zondag 10 februari van 14.00 tot 17.00 uur 
Waar Ananda Yoga, Boomberglaan 18, 1217 RS Hilversum
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the Dharma code: Yoga principles for enlightened choices

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